Most Battery Cells & Battery Packs In Plug-In Autos Bought In The US From 2010 To 2021 Have been Domestically Produced



In keeping with Argonne Nationwide Laboratory, most battery cells and battery packs in plug-in electrical automobiles (PEVs) bought in the US from 2010 to 2021 had been domestically produced. When it comes to whole vitality capability in gigawatt-hours (GWh), 57% of battery cells and 84% of battery packs had been produced in the US. The three largest overseas suppliers in cell manufacturing had been Japan, South Korea, and Poland. Japan, Germany, and South Korea had been the biggest overseas suppliers of battery packs. Whereas the vast majority of cells had been produced in the US, they might include supplies from different international locations.


Supply: David Gohlke, Yan Zhou, Xinyi Wu, and Calista Courtney, Argonne Nationwide Laboratory, Evaluation of Mild-Obligation Plug-in Electrical Autos in the US, 2010–2021, ANL-22/71, 2022.

Courtesy of Truth of the Week, Automobile Applied sciences Workplace



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